English 71 Ashby

Monday, January 02, 2006

Class Schedule

English 71-18
Instructor: Swan Ashby
Class time: M 9-9:50 a. m., W 9-10:50 a.m.
Room: 575
Class Schedule
Week 1

1/18: Introduction, take role, pass out syllabus, parts of speech activity, sentence labeling, desired outcomes, experiences
HW: Within Reach 1-14; review questions on p. 11, and write an informal paragraph
based on the question of your choice.

1/20: Turn in informal paragraph; class constitution, class phone list
Discuss prepositions, subject-verb agreement (linking verbs, action verbs, auxiliary verbs), fragments. SV identification on board.
HW: Expectations 1-14 Complete Comprehension 1,2 and Critical Thinking 1,2
Read Within Reach 15-33
Journal Assignment: Write a page about what your goals are for the class. What do you plan to achieve, and how will what you achieve affect your future as a college student?

Week 2

1/23: Quiz on Within Reach 1-33
Discuss prewriting Discuss Expec., ,
HW: Choose topic for narration paragraph

1/25: Group help to begin narration paragraph
HW: Expectations 18-22, complete Comprehension 1-4, Critical Thinking 1-2
Read Within Reach 34-44

1/27: Discuss topic sentences
Discuss regular, irregular past tense verbs—Around the World activity, class ex. p. 73,79
HW: Read Within Reach 45-63, write full draft narration paragraph

Journal Assignment: Write a full page detailing your proudest victories and/ or your greatest strengths. INCLUDE AT LEAST FIVE COMPOUND SENTENCES.

Week 3

1/30: Quiz on Within Reach 34-63
Workshop narration paragraphs; look for topic sentences, interest level of content
HW: Read Within Reach 64 -72, revise narration paragraphs

2/1: Discuss compound sentences, correct run-ons, fragments, comma splices
HW: Expectations 57-61 Complete all Comprehension questions
Read Within Reach 73-81, finish/revise narration paragraph

2/3: Narration paragraphs due
Discuss regular, irregular past tense verbs, class exercise p. 73, 79
Around the World with past tense verbs
HW: Read Within Reach 87-97; choose topic for instruction paragraph

Journal Assignment: Expectations p 62 Writing Topics for Paragraphs #1, 2, 3, OR 4

Week 4
2/6: Quiz on Within Reach 64-97
Discuss prewriting for instruction (listing), introduction, topic sentences
HW: Write draft of instruction paragraph to workshop
Read Within Reach 98-109

2/8: Workshop instruction paragraphs. Evaluate introduction and topic sentences
HW: Expectations 91-93 Complete Comprehension 1-4 Critical Thinking 1,2
Read Within Reach 110-117; revise instruction paragraph

2/10: Discuss complex sentences, class exercises combining and recognizing fragments
Discuss instruction topic sentences, introduction, workshop
HW: Wthin Reach118-129; revise instruction paragraph
Journal Assignment: Expectations Writing Topics for Paragraphs p. 95, #4
Week 5

2/13: Instruction paragraphs due
Quiz on Within Reach 98-129
Discuss adjectives, adverbs, review complex sentences
Read Within Reach 130-135, 141-145

2/15: Begin description, visualization in pairs
Spatial, group, time organization,
HW: Expectations 144-146 Complete Comprehension 1-3, Critical Thinking 1-4
Choose topic for description paragraph
Read Within Reach 146-153

2/17: Discuss introduction, topic sentences for description
HW: Draft description paragraph; Read Within Reach 154-164

Journal Assignment: Interview an instructor. Ask the instructor 5 questions related to the course he/she teaches, and ask 5 personal questions such as hobbies, goals, etc.
Week 6

2/20: NO CLASS; Read Within Reach 165-171

2/22: Discuss relative connectors, transitions, unity
Workshop description paragraphs; look for specific order, sensory details, emotion
HW: Expectations 166-168, complete Comprehension 1-4, Critical Thinking 1-3
Read Within Reach 172-181; revise description paragraph

2/24: Workshop description paragraphs; relative connectors
HW: Read Within Reach 182-190; revise description paragraphs
Journal Assignment: Expectations p. 138 Writing Topics (choose one and write page)

Week 7

2/27: Quiz on Within Reach 129-190
-ing phrases, avoiding errors with relative clauses
HW: Read Within Reach 191-199

3/1: Description paragraphs due
-ING phrases
HW: HW: Expectations 175-179; complete Comprehension 1-4, Critical Thinking 1-3 Read Within Reach 205-211

3/3: Review for Mid Term; discuss Comparison/Contrast, prewriting activity
HW: Read Within Reach 212-219; choose topic for Comparison/Contrast
Journal Assignment: Visualize your greatest goals and dreams in college and in life, and write a page describing that vision. Include 3 –ing phrases.

Week 8
3/6: Review for Mid Term
Discuss topic sentences for comparison/contrast
HW: Read Within Reach 220-225

3/8: Mid Term
HW: Expectations 63-65, Complete Comprehension 1-4, Critical Thinking 1-3
Read Within Reach 226-231; draft Comparison/Contrast paragraph

3/10: Workshop Comparison Contrast
Discuss block, point-by-point format
HW: Read Within Reach 232-241; revise comparison/contrast
Journal Assignment: Write 20 sentences with two SV’s connected with relative connectors

Week 9
3/13: Discuss Group C connectors
Workshop comparison/contrast
HW: Read Within Reach 242-253

3/15: Quiz on Within Reach 226-253
Discuss conclusion, group C connectors
Workshop Comparison/Contrast paragraphs
HW: Expectations 52-54 Complete Style, Structure 1-3, Critical Thinking 1-4
Final Comparison/Contrast paragraph
Read Within Reach 254-257

3/17: Comparison/Contrast Paragraphs Due
Comparatives and Superlatives
HW: Read Within Reach 263-267
Journal Assignment: Enrichment assignment, p.258-262 Within Reach
Week 10
3/20: Quiz on Within Reach 253-267
Begin Classification
Discuss organizing principle, categories
HW: Read Within Reach 268-274; choose topic for classification

3/22: More on classification
HW: Expectations 85-88 Complete Comprehension 1-4, Style, 1-3, Topics for Discussion, 3
Read Within Reach 275-285; organizing principle and categories for class. paragraph

3/24: Workshop organizing principle and categories
Discuss longer sentences
HW: Draft classification paragraph
Read Within Reach 286-304

Journal Assignment: Write one page your good (empowering) and bad (sabotaging) habits. What do you think are the causes for these habits (good and bad)? Include at least 5 long sentences (compound/complex, etc.)

Week 11
3/27: Quiz on Within Reach 268-304
Workshop classification paragraphs; multiple SV sentences
HW: Read Within Reach 305-309; revise classification paragraphs

3/29: Subject-verb agreement; workshop classification
HW: Expectations 139-142; Critical Thinking 1-3, Style, Structure 1-3
Read Within Reach 317-322; choose topic for cause and effect

3/31: NO CLASS
HW: Read Within Reach 323-331; prewrite cause and effect
Journal Assignment: Interview the most positive person you know, and write a page describing this person’s “secret” for being so positive. Include 3 multiple SV sentences.

Week 12
4/3: Quiz on Within Reach 305-331
Begin Cause and Effect
Discuss prewriting
HW: Read Within Reach 332-343; draft cause and effect paragraph

4/5: Final Classification paragraphs due
Discuss logic in cause and effect; topic sentences
Workshop cause and effect
HW: Expectations 23-26, Comprehension 1-4, Critical Thinking 1-5
Read Within Reach 344-350

4/7: Discuss longer sentences
Workshop cause and effect
HW: Read Within Reach 351-358; revise cause and effect
Journal Assignment: Use each of the pronouns on p. 359 in Within Reach in a sentence (You may use more than one pronoun per sentence)
Week 13
4/10-4/14: **** SPRING BREAK*****
Week 14

4/17: Quiz on Within Reach 332-358
Cause and effect conclusion
HW: Read Within Reach 359-369; revise cause and effect

4/19: Final Cause and Effect paragraph due
Discuss Pronouns
HW: Expectations122-124; Comprehension 1-3, Critical Thinking 1-4, Topics for Discussion, 1
Read Within Reach 373-378

4/21: Discuss short essay
HW: Choose topic for short essay
Read Within Reach 379-384
Journal Assignment: Write 10 possible topics and 10 rough topic sentences for your short essay
Week 15
4/24: Quiz on Within Reach 359-384
Prewriting short essays
HW: Read Within Reach 385-391

4/26: Discuss introduction, thesis for short essay
HW: Expectations 139-142 Comprehension 1-3, Critical Thinking 1-4
Read Within Reach 392-397; prewrite short essay

4/28: Discuss transitions for short essay
HW: Read Within Reach 398-403; draft short essay
Journal Assignment: Sentence combining activity on p 406-407 in Within Reach; complete sentences 1-10

Week 16
5/1: Quiz on Within Reach 385-403
Workshop short essays; discuss conclusion
HW: Read Within Reach 404-409

5/3: Discuss perfect verb tense
HW: Expectations 29-32 Comprehension 1-4, Style Structur, Org, 1-3, Topics 1
Read Within Reach 410-416; revise short essay

5/5: More on perfect tenses, around the world
HW: Read Within Reach 417-421
Journal Assignment: Write one page on how your writing has changed throughout the semester. Do you still need to improve in some areas? Do you still not understand something? What do you think you do really well when it comes to writing? What will you do differently in the future as a result of taking this class?

Week 17
5/8: Quiz on Within Reach 404-421
Workshop short essays
HW: Read Within Reach 422-430
5/10: Discuss punctuation
Workshop short essays
HW: Read Within Reach 431-436; revise short essay

5/12: Journals Due
HW: Revise short essay

Week 18
5/15: Work on short essay

5/17: Review for final exam
HW: Revise short essay; look for introduction, thesis, transitions, conclusion

5/19: Short Essays DUE

Final Exam: 5/24, 8-10 a.m.

Course Requirements

Required Texts: Within Reach: A Guide to Successful Writing, (Ingalls and Moody) Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1997.

Expectations: A Reader for Developing Writers, (Ingalls and Moody) New York: Longman, 2002.

English 71 is a basic writing course focusing on paragraphs and short essays. The course will emphasize the writing process. Topics include paragraph structure, sentence structure, and editing for grammar, language usage, and punctuation errors.

Course Requirements

• You will use the writing process—including prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing—to create and develop paragraphs and short essays.
• You will write at least 6 graded short essays or paragraphs of at least 150 words.
• You will write at least one essay approximately 200-500 words including appropriate development of an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs and transitional words and phrases.
• You will read and respond to sample paragraphs and essays to use as models for your writing.
• You will keep a writing journal on a combination of responses to class work, topics of your choice, and assigned topics. Journals require 2 pages per week with at least one page related to class work.
• By the end of the course you will be able to write clear sentences of various lengths and types and identify major sentence structure errors including fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.
• By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize and correct errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Grades Are Based On:
o 6 Graded Paragraphs (150+ words) = 25%
o 1 Short Essay (200-500 Words) = 10%
o Reading Response Homework = 5%
o Journals = 10%
o In-Class Activities = 20%
o Quizzes = 10%
o Mid-Term = 10%
o Final =10%

In-class activities depend on your presence. Please come every day on time. You will be permitted 5 absences per semester; your grade may be compromised if there are more. If you know you will be unable to attend a class meeting, let me know ahead of time; it is not necessary for you to contact me if you are not in class. Do not continually leave early or come late; I will count these occurrences as partial absences. You will be able to earn extra credit points with perfect or near-perfect attendance.

Class Policies:
• No late work will be accepted
• No cell phone use or ringing
• Come to class prepared
• Work cooperatively with other students
• Be an active student, participate in class, and take responsibility for your own learning. Except during group work, only one person at a time may speak. You are expected to listen attentively and refrain from conversation while another person is speaking. Treat fellow students and the instructor with respect.
• Students are expected to refrain from behavior which interferes with the learning of other students and to respect and obey standards of student conduct while in class. The Student Code of Conduct, disciplinary procedure, and student due process can be found in the college catalog. Charges of misconduct and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed upon students who violate these standards of conduct and provisions of college regulations.

Academic Integrity:
 This class will be conducted in accordance with the college student code of conduct and basic standards of academic honesty. Cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
Special Needs:

• If you have special needs (vision or hearing difficulties, a learning difference, physical challenge, etc.), please let me know right away, and I will do my best to accommodate you. Contact your DSS specialist for the Academic Accommodations Form, and give me a copy, so I can make any necessary adjustment/s for you.

 It is a good idea to exchange phone numbers with 2 or more classmates; some work not on the class schedule may be assigned, and if you are not in class you may get the assignment from your classmate contacts.
 All course requirements and assignments are subject to change